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American kids love baseball and most will absolutely adore anything related to baseball when it comes to home décor and lighting. This will certainly be the case with this eye-catching ceramic baseball lamp, perfect for any child dreaming of being the next Joe DiMaggio or Babe Ruth. With a bedside baseball lamp like this one, your son’s dreams will be filled with the excitement of pitching, grand slamming and achieving perfect games.

The ceramic baseball lamp is a great lighting accessory for a sports themed bedroom or home study area. The white design and simple style allows the baseball themed light to fit into most existing décor schemes and compliment the vast majority of bedside furniture pieces and bedding patterns.

When lit, the ceramic lamp produces a bright and warm light which is ideal for bedtime reading and as accent lighting for other activities.

The white shade may be a little too simple for some but this can be amended with decorative baseball themed decals which can be stuck to the surface. The ceramic baseball that is the table lamp’s base is the main feature and one that reflects the light above and really focuses the attention onto the baseball. It’s a lamp Joe DiMaggio would not doubt have been delighted with if it had been around during his youth.

Includes one 60-watt bulb