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The Celtic Cross is a powerful and ornate symbol to people of Celtic heritage. The Irish, Scots, Welsh and indeed many in England, the United States and even in northern France, hold dear the history and beauty that is associated with the circular cross design. This Celtic Cross tapestry wall hanging which incorporates a number of Celtic patterns and knots and is a stunning example of Irish art and will complement the home of anyone with a fondness for the history and cultures of the Celtic world.

Tapestry wall hangings like this one can fit into the décor scheme of just about any room in the home. Hung up in a living room, it will provide an eye-catching and tastefully decorative element to the wall near the television or cabinet. In a bedroom, it can be situated directly above the bed or alternatively, so it can be seen from within the bed, on the wall opposite. Located in your hallway, it will catch the eye of visiting friends and family and show a hint of your identity and what else is to be seen in your home.

A variety of rich greens and burgundies provide the Celtic Cross with an ornate and beautiful background whilst iconic Celtic knots add extra visual decoration. It’s rather ambiguous as to what the exact symbolism of the Celtic Cross is. Historians and cultural experts are often in two minds about it and when it first came into use. One strong possibility is that the early Christians in Ireland where naturally heavily influenced by ancient Druid designs, perhaps a sun symbol, and thus incorporated the cross into their own very old cultural narrative.

You can buy this tapestry from here: Celtic Cross Tapestry Wall Hanging.

Price: $149.99

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