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This cello CD wall rack is going to bring a touch of surrealism and humor to a home interior. It will also be a perfectly functional storage and display rack for your favourite music CDs whether they be classical, hard rock or jazz. Based on the renowned Stradivari instrument designs, the cello shaped CD wall rack is created so as to appear half in and half out of any wall on which it is attached.

Stradivarius violins, guitars and cellos are considered some of the finest instruments in the world. So much so that their name has become synonymous with the word ‘excellence’. Antonio Stradivari was an Italian instrument maker (a luthier) who was born in the mid-17th Century and gave his name to the now world famous brand. One of the most well known admirers of his instruments was the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.

The cello shaped CD rack is to all appearances a cello cut in half or a whole instrument sunken into a wall. The sides offer shelving space for dozens of CDs and the musical themed design makes it an ideal decorative storage accessory for a music-loving household. Regardless of which room it is located in, whether this be a living room or special music room, the half cello CD rack will bring a fun musical ambiance to the interior setting.

You can buy this item from here: Cello Shaped CD Wall Rack.

Price: $138

Be quick if you’re interested for these are hand made limited editions which will soon be sold out.