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Soccer is my favorite sport and so when I spotted this ceiling light in the shape of a soccer ball, I was immediately hooked. My love for the sport is not surprising given that I am an Englishman and, what we in England call ‘football’, is our national game. Ask me any question on Interior Design or Soccer and I will be able to answer it within a click of a finger.

soccer-ball-ceiling-lightIf you have a kid who also loves “the beautiful game”, then this ceiling lamp is just the gift for them. The soccer lamp is shaped and designed just like a traditional soccer ball you will see across the globe, at World Cups and in the famous English Premier League. It’s suitable for a girl or boy and even for a devoted soccer mom!

When lit, the soccer ball lamp shines the pattern onto the walls, thereby creating a wonderful sporting ambiance to accompany an important Major League Soccer (MLS) match or the upcoming International World Cup being held in South Africa. For those dreaded occasions when no soccer is on TV, the lamp will provide a constant visual expression of your kid’s sporting passion.

For a soccer themed bedroom or playroom, this soccer ball shaped ceiling light really is perfect. Just remember not to head butt the lamp by mistake.

You can buy this lamp from here: Ceiling Light in the Shape of a Soccer Ball.

Price: $130

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