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A placemat’s main function is the protection of a table’s surface. Most are water resistant and thick in depth so as to provide defence against heat. The sleeping cat themed woven tapestry placemat as seen in the image below offers all these characteristics as well as a visually stunning decorative element for cat lovers. If you regularly entertain guests who are fond of felines, then this set of four placemats will make an ideal addition to your tableware.

The four cat themed placemats have been specially woven on Jacquard looms which are classical structures that have been used for certain types of weaving for centuries. In fact, the loom was invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard in the year 1801 and was later to become an inspiration in the development of computer programming. Made in the USA with finely selected cotton yarns, the cat tapestry placemats are of the highest quality.

The cat design is from the artwork of the late American painter Charles M. Wysocki, Jr. who was noted for painting scenes of American life from yesteryear. This beautiful scene shows two cats sleeping on a wooden bookcase surrounded by books of all shapes, colors and sizes as well as a clock. Any cat owner will recognise the prideful, snooty but altogether loveable grace of our feline friends that is depicted in these four cat themed placemats.

You can buy the set from here: Cat Themed Woven Tapestry Placemats.

Price: $35.99