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It’s hard for the eye of a cat lover not to be drawn to this sleeping cat tapestry throw by Charles Wysocki. As an admirer of the feline form myself, it was something I felt impelled to display and write about. If you own cats, like I do and are perhaps an artist, as many cat fanatics are, then this tapestry design will make a perfect accent for your living room or bedroom interior.

cotton-tapestry-throw-cat-sleeping-bookshelfThe cat on the tapestry throw is called Frederick The Literate, which is a name reminiscent of old Prussian kings. In the image, Frederick is surrounded by delightfully bound books one finds in dusty libraries and perhaps on the shelves of your own bookcases. Just behind the sleeping cat are a couple of decoys, namely that of a bird and a fish. On the second shelf there sits an owl, whether a statue or real, I’m not quite sure. Notice the rather humorous name name of the book just beside the owl.

If you’re a cat collector or know of one, then this cotton tapestry throw will make the perfect addition to their collection. It can be used in any room of the home and on a wide variety of different surfaces depending on the interior décor. Throws like this one will look great over a sofa, on the bottom of a bed or hanging on the wall. The possible locations are endless.

You can buy Frederick the Literate and his owl friend from the following location: Cat Sleeping on a Bookshelf Cotton Tapestry Throw.

Price: $49.99