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Whether one is looking for a place to temporarily place used teabags or a small tray for decorative trinkets, this cat shaped flower teabag holder is the ideal accessory for a variety of settings. If you are a cat lover, then the beautiful features and colours will be especially appealing and will no doubt match other objects in the interior where the tray is placed. These items might include other products created by the Brazilian designer Romero Britto such as teapots, cups and tea sets.

The visual warmth of Britto’s pieces echo the vibrant art and design styles influenced by the culture of modern Brazil. A smiling cat gazes happily at a flower in expressive bloom whilst the blues and yellows is reminiscent of the sky, sea and sands that can be found in the large South American country. The design of the cat themed teabag tray is sure to brighten up any dull winter-time kitchen and make that cup of tea all the more enthusiastic.

Romero Britto is known by his admirers as a healer through art and this is seen clearly with the stunning richness of colours seen in his work as well as the compositions. His desire is to bring happiness via the medium of design and reflect the joy of life. Just like a teabag exudes the essence of the tea leaves inside, so Britto wants to catch the essence of happiness in anyone who views his art.

This uniquely shaped piece is made of quality dolomite and is carefully hand painted.

You can buy this tea bag tray from here: Cat Shaped Flower Teabag Holder.

Price: $8