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What kitty likes is what kitty gets. This is usually the motto in my house when it comes to my beloved cat. Mildred is her name and she likes order and neatness during meal times and also when the moment comes to relieve herself. She likes to know where everything is and doesn’t react all that well to things being moved around from one day to the next. That’s why she and many other cats love items such as this all in one cat litter box enclosure and feeding station.

The cat center is a highly convenient furniture piece that will provide benefits to both pet owner and the cat concerned. Two bowls, one for food, the other for water, are provided in little slots at one end of the feeding station whilst an interior section functions as a litter box space where the tray can be located. The covered space traps nasty smells from wafting into the room space which is highly beneficial if you live in a small apartment and during the colder months.

On top of the all in one litter box enclosure and feeding station there is a comfortable cat bed which is also an open-up lid to gain access to the litter tray. The furniture piece is made from a wood alternative which is resistant to odors and moisture. Although made for felines, the cat quarters is also a perfectly nice looking furniture accessory in its own right which allows it to merge into most interior design scemes or settings.

If, like me, you are a devoted cat owner who is seeking a more concise and visually appealing way of dealing with your cat’s food and toiletry needs, then this all-in-one litter box enclosure and feeding station will be perfect. It can be placed in just about any room in the home, including the living room, kitchen or hallway. The design means the station provides a fully functional and tidy area to fulfil all your cat’s needs in one place. It’s very easy to clean too.

You can buy this cat litter box enclosure and feeding station from here: Cat Quarters All in One Cat Center.

Price: $520