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I know from first-hand experience the problems faced when trying to keep the cat’s litter tray in a discrete and quiet area of the home. It’s quite a chore first thing in the morning when all you want is a cup of coffee, to have to empty the cat litter because of a rather foul smell and visual treat. This is particularly so if you keep your cat indoors for the majority of the time. With this in mind I was reminded of the cat litterbox furniture chest as seen below.

Cat-Litterbox-Furniture-Chest-PineFrom one’s first observation one might be forgiven for assuming the pine box is merely a regular item of furniture found in a bedroom or dining room. Perhaps it’s a chest where whisky is stored or the family’s board game cupboard. In fact, it is a wonderfully discrete cat litter box chest with two cat flaps on either side. There’s also an upper shelf where all the cleaning materials, scoops and sprays can be stored, leaving everything close to hand.

extra large litter boxes for catsThe litterbox furniture chest is an attractive piece by itself and will fit in with a wide variety of interior settings. I usually keep my cat in the living room during the night because I live near to a road which is deceptively quiet during the hours of dawn. This chest would therefore be placed in the rear part of this room near the French Doors leading to the garden. However, instead of having to move the rather ugly litter tray each morning and cleaning up any scattered particles, this cat litter box chest would provide a tidy and attractive alternative.

If you have little children and babies, hygiene is especially important in the home. There’s also the factor of guests and visitors to your home and keeping your interiors as odor free as possible. This is where this cat box chest comes in handy again. All odors will be kept inside the chest and will be prevented from escaping and polluting the atmosphere of the room. In Winter, opening windows is not really an option.

litterbox-door-carvings-of-catsIt’s big enough to accommodate two cats and their poop at the same time if you have a multi-cat household. Another thing I like about this cat litterbox furniture chest is the decorative doors that are an optional extra. If you have too many pine furniture pieces in your home already and you want to add a touch of originality, these decorative designs can really spruce up the look of an interior. They’ll also provide a cheeky hint of what guests will find inside the chest.

You can read more about this cat furniture piece as well as prices by visiting this website: Cat Litterbox Furniture Chest Made From Pine.

You can also get them in different finishes and colors to match your pre-existing interior design. Technically, you could also convert the chest into a cat’s sleeping box by placing cushions inside and perhaps a hanging toy.