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A cat climbing tower is a must-have for any cool kitty with prestige and a reputation to maintain. These days, a natural tree just doesn’t cut it any more for our 21st Century cats. They’ve been there, done that and got the splinters. Nowadays, they want a tree that has been sanded and preferably covered in nice soft and warm carpet material. Anything less and your cool kitty might just have to wander off to a more hip and happening joint down the road.

cat-climbing-tower-treeYou see, cats are arrogant little creatures and do not hide the fact that they enjoy the finer things in life. A cat climbing tower shaped like a tree is now all the rage in the feline design circles and rumour has it, this massive 84″ (7 ft) high cat climbing tower is about to sky rocket in popularity. Im not surprised either for it looks super and is one of the largest and most interesting cat tree designs I’ve seen in a long time.

As a cat owner myself, I know the feline beast loves to climb things in the home, usually an armchair and when particularly frisky after a bowl of milk, the curtains. My cat Mildred likes to climb the underside of the sofa whilst sliding along on her back over the smooth wooden floor. I keep telling her this is the lazy way of climbing but she has none of it and begins to sharpen her claws, usually on something very precious.

A cat climbing tower fulfils a number of jobs in one go. For indoor cats, the frame provides a type of cat gym where the feline can explore and strengthen its muscles. The long post also provides space for the cat to scratch, instead of on your expensive new sofa or carpet. Its also a place where a cat can feel secure, especially if you have more than one cat in the household. In the colder months, this particular cat climbing tree will offer a warm and cosy sanctuary where your cat can sleep with comfort and security.

cat-climbing-tree-holesIt’s not just the felines that will enjoy a new item of cat furniture. This big cat climbing tower shaped like a tree will also appeal to cat lovers and owners alike. The tree is fun, it’s dynamic and it’s well designed so as to fit into most home interior environments and decor schemes with relative ease. In fact, it’s a decorative furniture piece in its own right and guests, especially fellow cat enthusiasts, will be in awe of such a unique and exciting cat tower.

You can read more about this cat climbing tower, as well as pricing and dimensions, here: Big Oak Kitty Gym

You’ll have to drag your cat outside for potty time if you buy this big cat climbing tower. Natural trees will just not have the same appeal ever again.

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