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Many people see their cats as angel like creatures, unless that is they vomit on or scratch the prized rug in the living room. Then the little cherubs are decidedly put into the cold light of day for their sins. If you like cats and are fond of classical art, you’ll be amused and no doubt enamored with this cherub cat cotton tapestry throw which is based on the famous ‘Sistine Madonna’ oil painting (also known as The Madonna di San Sisto) by the great Italian artist Raphael.

The amusing and charming rendition of Raphael’s angels will suit the home of any cat lover. As an owner of feline beasts myself, I know the joy the little creatures bring to a household and how it can be a joy to place cat themed art and decor in various rooms. Cats after all are known for being artist’s muses and have been depicted in a multitude of art works, sculptures and poems throughout the centuries.

This cat cherub cotton tapestry throw mimics probably the two most famous cherubs in art history. The two characters themselves are actually part of a much larger painting and only feature at the very base of the ‘Sistine Madonna’. The angels have been featured in a variety of ways during the last century including as decorative themes for postcards, clothing, stationery and even stamps. A number of stories have arisen as to who the original models were for the two cherubs. One tale suggests the cherub models as being the children of the woman he used for the Madonna higher up in the painting whilst another tale focuses on two children the artist saw staring dreamily into a baker’s window.

Regardless, this cat themed alternative to the two famous cherubs in Raphael’s painting will suit any cat lover and admirer of art and history. The tapestry throw can be draped over a range of different furniture pieces as well as hung up on a wall or laid out on a floor where people rarely tread. The character of the wistful cats will appeal to the whole family and even rather cat-sceptic guests who happen to visit.

You can buy this throw here: Cat Cherubs Cotton Tapestry Throw.

Price: $49.99