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Most of us remember fondly our parents excitedly taking our height measurements every few months when we were growing up. Growth charts are a popular way to track and record an important part of your child’s life which can be kept for a lifetime afterwards. This Castle Tower growth chart for girls is perfect for a young daughter who loves the fantasy and romance of castles and princes. A pink banner at the top acts as an inspirational marker that she knows she’ll one day reach.

I remember my own toddler growth chart from when I was a little lad. Jack and the Beanstalk was one of my favorite stories and so my parent’s bought me a wall growth chart in the same theme and I have a vivid recollection of the design to this day. Measurement days were always full of excitement for both me and my parents as we watched the little pen marks rise higher and higher, above 3 feet and then 4 feet and so on.

A child’s world is a magical place and small pleasures such as marking her height on a growth chart will fill your little girl with delight. Attached to their bedroom wall, especially one with a princess or fairytale theme, this castle tower growth chart for girls will become an established and much adored feature to a bedroom interior. Just be prepared to jot down from where you buy this chart as other parent’s will want one just like it!

You can buy this decorative wall chart for toddlers here: Castle Tower Growth Chart For Girls.

Price: $30

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