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A cookbook easel is the perfect solution when it comes to keeping cookbooks free from damage in the kitchen interior. When we begin preparing new and complex recipes, a cookbook is an important necessity to have close to hand. However, during the process of food preparation our hands end up getting coated in flour, oils, meat juices and all sorts of gunk. Managing a cookbook with icky hands and on gooey surfaces is a step too far.

That’s where something like this cast iron cookbook easel as shown above comes into the scenario. This cookbook easel has a delightful cast iron whimsical chef design incorporated into the background of the cookbook stand. Place your cookbook on this chef themed cookbook easel and all you’ll need to do is turn the pages with the minimum of touch. Apart from a few corners, the cookbook will remain free from stains and stickiness, meaning a longer life for all the family to take inspiration from.

The cast iron cookbook easel with the chef themed design means when a cookbook is not present, then the cookbook stand can act as a decorative accent piece all on its own. The easel can be placed on a kitchen shelf or windowsill where it will become a sculptural piece. Made from a strong material and with a sturdy structure, this whimsical chef cookbook easel will be able to hold the largest and heaviest of cookbooks.

Price: $29