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With this pig sculptured casserole dish, you will want to make casseroles every week just to show off the whimsical and decorative bakeware piece. The casserole dish features two pig sculptures standing on a checkerboard pattern lid, all sculpted from stoneware. The black and white Hampshire-breed pigs are whimsical, characterful, and a delight to look at. They, together with the 2.5 quarts dish, will make a splendid impression on dinner guests as the meal is served.

As with any casserole dish, this pig themed one created by American clay artist Sandra McKenzie Schmitt, is designed to withstand long cooking periods as well as being highly versatile. Making casserole offers a widely variety of ingredient choices and is a very popular dish across North America. This timeless decorative bakeware piece can be situated in a prominent position even when not in use. As a tableware feature, it will be very well received by everyone.

You can buy it from here: Casserole Dish with Sculptured Pigs Lid.

Handcrafted in Illinois.