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Okay so you are looking to replace your old carpet? Or you might have a tiled floor, or a laminate floor that you want to replace. So first of all what do you need to consider when buying a new carpet?

After all how hard can buying the right carpet be? Well you are right and if you take a few simple steps and do a bit of research then buying a new carpet is easy. But it is very easy to be taken in by a special offer in a carpet showroom and buy the wrong carpet.

This does happen and if it happens to you, it will be costly as you may well end up buying another carpet just a few months later.

Firstly you should consider that you will get a far better service if your chosen carpet company comes out to you, rather than you simply taking your room measurements to them.

The reason for this is that they will be able to bring along samples of underlay, and even gripper rods. Both of these items can be essential to a good carpet fitting.

You may as an example have an old carpet that needs replacing, and if it does the chances are that the underlay and the gripper rods will do as well.

Fitting your own carpet is not advised for the above reasons. Laying carpet is a specialist skill and whilst you could save a few pounds by laying one yourself, you then still have to think of the time it will take to rip up the old carpet, underlay and gripper rods, and then if you cut the carpet wrongly you may have a major problem! Also who will dispose of the old carpet – doubt it will fit in your car!

By using a “Full service” carpet company, they will be able to remove your old carpet, underlay and gripper rods. They will then lay down new rods and underlay to a professional standard, ensuring that when your new carpet is laid down, it is to the highest of standards.

Also by having a carpet company come to your own house they will also be able to advise on the correct grade of carpet you need. This may sound simple but if you buy a cheap roll end of carpet that is not designed for use in a shower room, but then place it in one, you will then find it is constantly damp and lets water through to the flooring below it.

So when choosing carpet always use a specialist, do not risk buying the wrong carpet on your own.

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