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A toy box makes a wonderful addition to a child’s bedroom and can have a number of uses. The most obvious of these is as a storage compartment for a child’s toys, books and costumes. They can also be great decorative features that enhance the bedroom’s look and ambiance, especially if the room in question has a certain theme. Outlined below are 5 considerations you should keep in mind before buying a toy box for your child.

animal-themed-toy-box1) Theme

There are hundreds of different toy box themes on the market. These range from the sports toy boxes for boys which include football, nascar and basketball, to the princess toy boxes for girls. You will naturally have to decide on the theme you choose based on the gender of your child as well as their favorite activities, cartoons and hobbies. Try to imagine what your child will like best rather than what you yourself would prefer. After all, they will be spending the most time with their toy box.

2) Size

Size matters when it comes to a toy box. of course this has to be calculated in relation to the size of the bedroom as well as the child’s age. Too big a toy box and the lid might be too difficult to open both for the parent, who is often one handed in such situations, and especially the child. If the box is too small and there is a multi-child household, then a lot of toys will have to be stored elsewhere. This is not ideal and rather defeats the point of purchasing a toy box furniture piece in the first place.

3) Material

wood-toy-boxToy boxes come in numerous materials ranging from wood through to plastic. I’ve found the most common and popular material for a kid’s toy box is wood. The types of wood include oak, pine, cedar and cherry. You can also find various boxes made from wicker and various forms of fabric.

When it comes to choosing the material, you will need to figure out the possible onslaught it might have to suffer from little boys who love to whack everything with toy swords and jump over furniture like monkeys. If this is likely, you might be best with an oak wood toy box or a sturdy plastic version. For little girls, the perfect materials are often softer and with more ornate designs. Perhaps try to find some fabric toy boxes which are held together with plastic or metal frames. Cherry and pine wood boxes with decorative details will also be suitable.

4) Cost

The price you are willing to pay for a child’s toy box is also dependent on what age group your son or daughter is in as well as how many kids you have. You also want to consider how long you wish the toy box to last and whether you want it to be passed down from generation to generation in the future. Certain themed toy boxes, often made from plastic, might well cost more than the regular and simply designed wooden boxes but might not last as long as materials such as oak wood.

5) Use

prince-themed-toy-box-seatThe most obvious use for a kid’s toy box is as a storage unit for storing your child’s toys, books and miscellaneous accessories. However, they can also become seating areas when the lid is closed. Many themed toy boxes actually come with a back rest specifically for this reason. When your son or daughter have their friends around, the toy box can become an extra seating furniture piece which saves you having to move chairs from downstairs.

Toy boxes can also act as table tops on which to play the boardgames it hold. Another possible use is as a theatre stage for playing acting with cuddly toys. I remember when I was a child and used to put on performances from behind the sofa with my stuffed toys and soldiers. For girls, the toy box can also be a backdrop for dolls where they can be decoratively arranged when not being held and played with.

Hopefully, these 5 considerations I’ve presented here will help you make the right choice when it comes to buying your child their new toy box. Whether you buy online or in a real-world store, it’s important to have an idea beforehand of what you’re looking for. You’ll therefore have a greater likelihood of choosing a toy box your child will love and one that could possibly last for the rest of their lives.

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