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The look and feel of a sheepskin rug makes it a popular variety of floor rug to buy. Home owners like the soft and durable quality of the sheepskin rug as compared to synthetic types. Most come in white but many of these rugs can also be found in a wide range of colors. However, I always think a white sheepskin against a darker wooden floor is the best combination and contrast.

Rather like with many items you seek to purchase, it is wise to check and indeed, trust, their brand’s reputation. In this case, the location of where the sheepskin originates is the important factor. Traditional sheep rearing nations like New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom will certainly be the highest quality as compared to more local and newer makers. The many centuries of sheep rearing tradition means these nations know the ins and outs of gaining the best quality sheepskin.

Generally, sheepskin rugs should be soft and pliable with the piling neatly combed and little shedding. The back should also be free from artificial backing which can detract from the overall feel of the rug and is a good indicator of a lower quality make. In most cases, the rugs can be washed in a regular home washing machine with minimal non-biological detergent but if you want to play it completely safe, you can also have then professionally dry cleaned.

Sheepskin rugs can be used in just about any location in the home interior. In most cases they are placed in the main living room as a decorative accent to the fire place and sofa area. Some stores and manufacturers will also allow customisation of rugs which include personalised colors, sizes and even shapes. The extra large versions can even make large area rugs. Dyes can also be used to make the rug match with the room’s color scheme.

If the sheepskin rug becomes crushed after a period of use, the best method to bring it back to it’s plush look is to run a wire dog brush through the rug with a few strokes.

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