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Buying a bed mattress can be a difficult choice for many people. There are a lot of bed mattress types out there which vary in name, size, shape and fabric. It is therefore important to know what you want before you buy a new mattress for your bed. In some cases this will be a replacement for an older mattress which goes with the same bed whilst in other cases, you will be seeking a completely new shape and size of mattress to go with a new bed and new home. Here are a few points of advice for you to consider before you make a purchase.

The size of the bed mattress you need is a vital piece of information to know before you buy a mattress either in a store or online. A ‘twin mattress’ is the smallest type you can buy whilst up from that is the ‘double’. Then there come the ‘queen’, ‘king’ and finally the largest mattress of all, the ‘California king’ mattress. Before you begin your search, take a measurement of your bed where the mattress will be laid. You will probably know anyway from the previous mattress you had if it’s a replacement you are after.

A further size consideration is in regards to the dimensions of the bedroom interior. This will also be a factor in the size of bed frame you buy but mattresses also come in different heights. You don’t want a small room overburdened with a tall mattress which adds heaviness to the room’s ambiance.

It’s of great importance to think about the firmness of a bed mattress before you buy. A mattress should be firm and comfortable enough to support your body without damaging muscles and causing back damage. A firmness should be present throughout the entire area of the bed mattress. if too soft, the mattress will not be able to support your neck and back, which again will lead to pain and muscle problems. Too hard and the same problems will arise but your sleep will also be adversely affected.

A quality bed mattress will cost more than an ordinary bed mattress but the difference in cost is often there for a reason. It’s important to buy a high quality mattress whose makers have a good reputation. This will also mean the padding is thick and the coils have a high count which means optimum support. Good padding prevents sagging in the mattress whilst strong coils will last longer and also make the bed mattress a lot more comfortable to sleep on. Also look for ticking on the mattress. The ticking is the outermost layer of the mattress and should ideally be a blend of cotton and polyester, or better. Anything less, like vinyl, is not really worthwhile.

The final point to consider before buying a bed mattress is the appearance. Whilst in most cases this will not matter, due to the mattress being hidden under covers, it can still be nice to buy a mattress that looks pleasing when sheets are being changed. Aesthetic details are important in the home even if items are only seen now and again.