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“A Chateau Latour Pauillac 1990 please Jeeves…. no wait, make that a Dom. Romane Conti 1997, let the first one wait a little longer. Oh and bring two glasses my good man”.

Where would one be without ones butler? I know I would be lost. That’s why when I came across this rather delightful Butler Wine Bottle Holder With Glass Rack, I immediately wanted to write about it. Good grief, I might even have to sack my own butler for this one looks particularly dapper in his smart jacket and striped trousers. Not a whiff of boredom or tiredness either.

butler-wine-bottle-holder-glass-rackThe best thing about a butler like this one is the location of the cork screw. For those who have suddenly had their minds descend into the gutter, I will quickly tell you where it is. The butler’s head is basically the screw which can be removed when a bottle of wine is to be opened. Once open, the cork screw head can then be placed back upon the shoulders thereby keeping the implement safe and located where it won’t go missing. By the way, do you see the little flower pot by his legs? That’s the topper for keeping the wine in the bottle fresh once the cork has been taken out.

As a decorative feature it works wonderfully. The butler wine bottle holder also features a wine glass rack. This allows easier transport of bottle and drinking glasses into another room whilst at the same time surprising visiting guests with a most unusual wine bottle accessory. When not being used for its intended purpose, the butler wine bottle holder can be placed in a prominent position in the kitchen or dining room with either a decorated empty wine bottle, large candle or perhaps even a small vase of flowers.

If you like a little old fashioned humor with your wining and dining then this will make a great addition to a fun loving home. You can buy this very well behaved butler from the following location: Butler Wine Bottle Holder With Glass Rack

It’s priced at $38