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This Buddha tabletop fountain is ideal for a room which needs some extra tranquillity and a touch of eastern mysticism. In Western nations, the image of the Buddha has, over recent decades, become a well-known symbol of peace, meditation and mindfulness. Buddhism is growing with leaps and bounds in North America and Europe and with the healing and positive ethics and morality that the highly philosophical religion provides, it is little surprise that Buddhist themed accessories are a popular choice for the home.

The Buddha table fountain is made from lightweight resin and features a Buddha sitting in the classical meditation position whilst holding the iconic lotus flower. It is from this lotus flower that the fountain water flows, down into the base of the piece. The Buddha figure sits within an egg-shaped enclosure with internal grooves, perhaps signifying the leaves of the lotus plant. Regardless of the grooves’ meaning, they provide a wonderful contrast with that of the delicate form of the Buddha figure.

All necessary parts, including the pump, are included and are extremely easy to assemble. Also included is a small LED light which sits just below the Buddha figurine and lights up both the water and the entire sculpture as the fountain is in operation. This provides a very beautiful effect together with an increase in the contrast between light and shade. It’s a visual and acoustic delight and can be situated in rooms where meditation or relaxation are sought after and required. Such locations might include a meditation room, bathroom, home office or hallway. It will also be a great object to rest one’s eyes upon during a mindfulness meditation session.

You can buy the fountain from here: Buddha Table Fountain with LED Light.

Dimensions – 7″L x 6″W x 11″H