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As regular readers will know, I’ve long had a fondness for the teachings of Buddhism. So when I came across this Buddha Head Lamp on my travels I naturally became rather excited. I’ve seen similar lamps before but usually in swish cafes and restaurants on Continental Europe and wondered then, where they had acquired such amazing decorative lighting accents. Well now I know where you can get one too.

buddha-head-lampThe Buddha Head Lamp as seen in the image above is made from polyethylene, a strong and durable plastic which can also cope with high temperatures. It’s available in three different colors including the yellow as pictured and also white and a reddy-orange.

Decorative accents, lighting and art inspired by cultures swathed in Buddhist traditions have long been popular in the West. Many people have taken up meditation over recent decades and the principles of the various schools of Buddhism such as Theravada, Tibetan, Zen and Pure Land. Science has also recently found the benefits of meditation on physical health and mental well being. (I really should meditate more!)

Whether you follow the Four Noble Truths or not, this Buddha Head Lamp is a fine decorative feature for a wide range of home interiors. If you meditate daily, then this could be a wonderful backdrop to your meditation space and alter. With the main lights turned low, a few candles and incense burning, this lamp is ideal as either the focus for your gaze or as a relaxing backdrop.

If you see this Buddha Head Lamp as purely a decorative feature, then you can use it for a wide range of occasions. Maybe you like to entertain guests every weekend where together you listen to ambient music whilst wining and dining. This lamp will look great on a table top or floor in the living room or dining room where the socialising takes place. A bedroom is also a possible interior where a romantic setting can be achieved and depending on your existing décor, can also be a complimentary addition. The possibilities are endless.

You can see more pictures of this Buddha lamp as well as discover the purchasing details over at the following location: Buddha Head Lamp

Price: $99