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Buddhas with big bellies have long been a popular image in the West. The cheerful and often laughing character provides a lifting addition to a room’s décor and this is the case with these pair of Buddha belly paper holders for placement on a home office desk, table or shelf. Simple to use and with effortless charisma, these swivel head Buddha statues can hold all your important paper documents and letters in a close-to-hand place ready for your perusal.

The black Buddha paper holders are made from modern flexible rubber which is stronger than one would at first image. One of the Buddhas is less firm than the other so as to allow extra documents to be placed in-between. Both are attached to a black wooden base. If you or anyone you know has a fondness for Buddhism or related spirituality, then a pair of these joyful black Buddha paper holders will make a marvellous gift.

When you’re taking a breather from your work for a few moments, you can swivel their heads in various directions, thereby adding a more dynamic and ever changing element to the fun Buddha home office accessories. They’ll also look good in a hallway or living room for recently arrived letters and notes one may need to keep in view and even for a couple of CDs or small books in a bedroom or dining room.

You can buy this pair from here: Good Fortune Organizer.

Price: $22