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Room dividers as their name suggests are a great and simple way to divide a room into two without building a new wall. However, they can also serve a myriad of other functions such as this bubbly white circles room divider does. Placed in a bedroom, study or guest room, this white circular themed room divider will provide both a space maker, decorative feature and a place for small kids to hang arts and crafts upon if placed in a child’s bedroom.

From first glance, the white circles room divider looks rather like a contemporary metal instillation but it’s actually made from wood. Floating lacquer bubbles are contained within a 3-panel frame which make the complete item an attractive and elegant accessory for almost any interior space. Whether you want to divide a room into two sections, or just have a decorative frame work to enhance other existing features, this bubbly white circles room divider will answer both objectives.

As mentioned before, this item will go particularly well in a little girl’s bedroom where the room divider can become part of a larger theme such as in a princess or fairytale style. She can then hang little decorations from the circular bubbles as well as light clothing and colorful fabrics.

Price: $498