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For home-owners who are mad about ships and the navy like my father is, then this Bronze Ship’s Bell might be the perfect decor accent for your home. It’s not just for the interior of a house where this can be placed but also outside, as a doorbell or decorative feature beside a bench or amongst flowers and bushes. The ship’s bell is both functional and attractive in form which means it has a wide variety of possible uses.

bronze-ships-bell-indoor-decorFor centuries ship’s bells have been used to regulate sailors’ duty watches on-board navy ships. In classical navy terminology, there were various rings throughout a single watch, for each half hour the sailor was on duty. After 30 minutes, a single ring would be sounded, then two rings after an hour, followed by three rings after an hour and a half. This continued until the final half hour, four hours later which was sounded by eight rings. The famous term “eight bells” therefore symbolises the end of a shift and indeed is also a euphemism for the end, as in a sailor’s death, or ship’s destruction.

This Bronze Ship’s Bell as seen in the image above, is specially hand crafted in a small coastal foundry in the state of Maine. Old techniques are used to sand-cast the bronze bell which makes the metal both extremely durable to all kids of weather, strong and long lasting. The resulting ring brings a rich, deep and pure tone that is unique to bronze bells.

If you have a nautical theme in any of your interiors, then this bronze ship’s bell will make a perfect addition to a wall. It comes with a bronze wall bracket as well as a thick braided lanyard. However, whether ocean themed or not, a variety of rooms will be able to hold the bell as well as any ship of the world’s navies. Perhaps you can place it in the kitchen or dining room and use it as a sign that dinner is about to be served. The whole family will then come running to the table.

You can buy this bell from this location: Bronze Ship’s Bell

Price: $149.99