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If you are seeking a decorative and delicate element to add to your dinner table setting then you might like to consider these oak leaf napkin rings which come in a set of four. Their beauty lies in the fact they were molded from a real oak tree and therefore contain all the natural characteristics of an oak leaf one would see in a woodland. The oak leaf napkin rings are the creation of American artist Michael Michaud and are hand-crafted in the city of New York.

The oak leaf napkin rings as shown in the above picture are caste in bronze before being layered with silver. Each natural detail of the leaf is preserved as much as possible thus giving an intricate, delicate looking yet strong oak leaf napkin ring which will enhance the setting of any dinner table. If you like to host dinner parties and often have themes to do with the natural world then these bronze oak leaf napkin rings molded from a real oak tree are ideal.

Nature is the most incredible theatre for design and botanical elements lend themselves wonderfully well to home decor. With the creativity of Michaud’s metalworking which stems from his love of the natural world and the beauty of the old oak tree, the result is a delightful bronze oak leaf napkin ring which will compliment a range of meals and dinnerware.

You can buy this set of 4 napkin rings here: Bronze Oak Leaf Napkin Rings.

Price: $50.