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If, like me, you know someone who was once a seafarer, then this ship’s wheel clock will make an ideal gift for them. A life on the seas is a romantic notion for many especially in centuries gone past. However, life faraway from land was often brutal and many never made it home again. As the years have progressed, seamanship has become a lot safer and more hi-tech but that has not stopped the whimsical tales that have been passed down through the ages from generation to generation.

This Britannia ship’s wheel clock is perfect for a mantel, windowsill, table or home office desk. The clock piece itself sits on an attractive mahogany base which includes real nautical ropes to complete the navy theme. Decorative brass knobs give the feel of a captain’s wheel whilst brass bevelled edges bring elegance to the clock. A 24-hour time track provides added functionality and authenticity.

Some room schemes have a decidedly oceanic theme to them and this ship’s wheel clock will fit into these surroundings wonderfully well. That said, the best habitat for this clock will be a classically themed interior with furniture and accessories dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. This will echo the designs of this period. Place it in a home library, living room or dining room and gain hours, and indeed years, of enjoyment and accurate time keeping from this delightful wheel shaped clock.

You can buy it from here: Britannia Maritime Clock with Nautical Rope and Brass Knobs.

Price: $375.20