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Many gifts we receive one special occasions can later be used a decorative items for the home. This extends to things we purchase especially for one off occasions like christenings and weddings. Such items include this original bride and groom metal wine bottle holder set made from recycled materials. When the wedding happily passed, the novelty gifts you acquired or received can be put to use in the home environment.

bride-groom-married-metal-wine-bottle-holderIn the case of the bride and groom metal wine bottler holders, these splendidly whimsical sculptures have two benefits for any kitchen. They are both practical and highly decorative which is more than one can say for most kitchen utensils and accessories. The bride and groom sculptures can also be moved from room to room, depending on where they are needed.

They are the creation of Guenter Scholz, a German designer who has made quite a collection of sculptural forms that combine practicality and visual pleasure. For a household who likes to add a touch of humor and originality to a room, whether that be the kitchen, dining room or wine storage area, then this bride and groom metal wine bottle holders will make perfect a addition.

This pair are available to buy from the following location: Bride & Groom Wine Bottle Holder – Steel Sculpture

Priced at $120

I love the little bouquet the bride is holding.