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Building blocks have been part of children’s lives for centuries and all of us can lay claim to having once tried to build the Empire State Building. In my case at least, it ended up as the Leaning Tower of Pisa when only six blocks high. The Dutch product designer Pepe Heykoop has taken the art of the child’s building blocks to a new level with his intriguing Brickchair.

The Brickchair was inspired by a drawing made by the Australian illustrator James Gulliver Hancock. From there, through a series of drawings, the chair evolved and was finally to be constructed out of square wooden blocks. Thankfully the seat itself is covered with a layer of foam to avoid unfortunate accidents.


Not content with the chair, Heykoop went on to make the Brickchandelier which is made up of just over 1000 children’s building blocks. Dutch toy stores must be doing a roaring trade.