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The concept of boot storage is often consigned to sticking your taller items of footwear into the bottom of the wardrobe or just resting them in the corner of a room or hallway. For shoes, it is much easier and there are countless shoe rack designs but very few offer space for anything that rises greatly above the ankles. This boot storage shelving unit is different and is designed with boots in mind. The different heights of the shelving allow a great variety of footwear to be safely stored away.

The boot storage unit is made from a strong steel framework. Within this are strong fabric shelves of different heights, perfect for the placement of tall footwear such as knee-high boots, wet weather wellington boots, ankle boots, mid-calf boots and even sexy thigh-high boots. The unit is capable of storing up to 6 pairs of boots plus a couple of pairs of standard shoes. You can even adjust the compartment heights if you wish to make better use of the space than seen in the image above.

The storage and organization of footwear is usually situated in a hallway or bedroom interior. This shelving unit for boots is designed to fit in just about any style of room and its understated appearance will not detract from any decorative theme. It can be located next to a wardrobe or chest of drawers very easily or alternatively inside a walk-in closet. In the hallway, it can be placed near to the main entrance and the unit’s relative lack of depth means it should fit in to most hall spaces with ease. It will soon become an indispensable item of footwear storage if you or your family are keen on boots.

You can buy it from here: Boot Storage Shelving Unit.

Comes in a natural brown finish.