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Designed by Nikolai Carels, the highly contemporary and stylish Boomerang Wok is an item of cookware that will bring both aesthetic quality and functionality to the kitchen interior. The Wok comes with a cupped edge which allows food to be flipped without the danger of it flying out of the pan and onto the floor, thereby ruining your evening. Built to last and capable of containing a lot of ingredients, the Boomerang Wok is ideal for any type of cook whether novice or expert.

A Wok in general is an Asian utensil which has gained ever increasing popularity in the West and around the world in recent decades. The designer of this particular pan has taken this concept one step further however and brought the traditional design into the new and current century. For households that love to cook authentic Asian foods and related stir-fry styles, then this modern Wok is ideal for everyday use in the kitchen cooking area.

Watch a video of the pan in action.

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