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Bookshelves are an item of furniture that remain constantly popular. Many families have collections of books, both bought and passed down to them from generation to generation. In my personal opinion, a room full of books is one of the most beautiful sights you can see in a home interior space.

However, it’s not just books that can be stored on a bookshelf. Decorative items, small jugs, African statues, photographs and even televisions and radios also have a place. Whatever bookshelf you choose, they are a chance to uniquely express the style and personality of you and your family.

What type of Bookshelf are you looking for?

The Traditional Bookshelf that shows off my books and only my books

You want a regular bookshelf that is intended for the storage of your prized books without any fancy bells and whistles. A row of books will look delightful as they are, why would you need an exciting bookshelf to take away from the beautiful leather-bound novels and political/religious epics? There will of course be room for a picture or two, perhaps a small vase of flowers. If you want a television on your shelf as well as DVD and CD space, then consider the wide range of media bookshelves.

These types of bookshelves are the most common and easy to find. They come in various simple styles and materials. Traditional bookshelves compliment an interior space but rarely distract the attention away from the books themselves. In most cases, this is ideal. For bookworms, proud of their long collected array of books, this is definitely the best solution.

The Space Saving Bookshelf for small rooms

For a bookworm living in a small interior such as a one bedroom apartment, a space saving bookshelf is a necessity. This can be combined with non-traditional constructions which use the space more economically. For example, these could include corner bookshelves or ankle level shelving that fits below a table. Bookshelves that can be built into the walls are another good alternative if it’s possible to customize the interior space.

In a small space, if you go for the traditional tall bookshelves, then the narrower they are, the better. Depending on the type of books you have, particularly with novels and smaller books, this will give the illusion of more space.

The Contemporary Bookshelf for when the books come second best

If you like to “wow” your friends, family and guests, then an unconventional bookshelf is the answer. There are numerous contemporary bookshelves on the market from the wavy shelving patterns to the “sit in-side” bookshelves where a seat becomes a shelf in itself.

Other ways to introduce charisma to the shelving unit is to add color or wallpaper. Depending on your tastes and the material of the shelving, you can make your contemporary bookshelf into an eye-catching and visual treat. Of course, the books will become second best but with careful thought and good taste, that’s not always a bad thing.