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In my years as a designer, I have always considered a room to be truly incomplete without a large collection of books. I love books and could not live in a world without them. Books of all kinds, sizes, ages and types amuse my mind for hours, often at the expense of actually doing any work. Whole journeys and adventures can be had from within the pages of a good book and when the final page has been read we often feel a mixed sense of contentment with disappointment the story has ended.

However, not all of us have a large book collection to put to good use adorning the walls of half a dozen rooms or more. Twenty, fifty or even one hundred books will fill the space of one wall in a living room but will leave elsewhere book-free and therefore, in my view at least, rather forlorn. There is a rather clever solution however and one that fulfils the decorative need that books have provided for centuries. The answer is book shelf themed wallpaper which gives the illusion of a room packed to the rafters with books.

If you’ve still got another decade to go before you can claim to own more books than the local library, then book wallpaper will be a fun and decorative wall accessory to add to your home décor style. It’s amazing how an interior can be transformed with themed wallpaper and a home study or library especially might well benefit.

Via: Shelterness.