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Terence Conran is one of Britain’s most well known and respected designers. His new book ‘Essential Color’ which comes out on Apr 4 of this year (2011) is a guide for any homeowner on choosing the best color schemes for your home interior. Many people come to a standstill when it’s time to select colors for a bedroom or living room. The colors of the interior are a vital element and it is thus understandable that there are concerns and worries about making the right decorative decision.

Essential Color’ is aimed to get you started on the path to the perfect interior setting which will match both your tastes and your personality. Terence Conran, a household name in his native Britain, is also a respected figure globally and as well as being a designer is also a restaurateur, retailer and writer. Two of his most famous stores include Habitat and the aptly named Conran Shop. Many of his designs can be seen across London and the rest of the United Kingdom.

This reputation therefore inspires a lot of confidence in people who follow his advice, tips and insights into color and décor. Conran’s new book is divided into three sections which take the reader, both novice and expert alike, through the various though processes and decisions one will make when choosing a color scheme for a particular room. In the book he explains firstly how color works and the emotions they can invoke; secondly how focal points, coordination, harmony and accents influence a space; and thirdly, the different effects various materials, textures and finishes, as well as lighting, can have on an interior setting.

One hundred color photographs add extra inspiration to the book as well as extras ideas you might not have considered before. As a trained Interior Designer myself, there are very few other major design names I’d rather take advice from when it comes to home decor than the great Terence Conran.

You can buy his brand new book here: Essential Colour by Terence Conran.

Price: $21.14