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I’ve never before considered that a combination of bedside lamp and book rest would work so well. However, this book rest lamp in the vague shape of a house by designer Lee Sang Gin is an eye-catching feature that will both illuminate and keep your books safe mid-reading. In fact, the very addition of an open book upon the lamp gives it an appearance of a traditional looking house you could find on any street in the world.

We’ve all had to dash to the bathroom or answer the telephone whilst reading in bed. Usually we fold the tip of the page we’re reading or place the book down on the bed sheets when we rush away, but this can result in damaged books and losing our place in the story as the book gradually closes. Instead, this book rest lamp provides a highly functional way of keeping the page we want to continue reading easily accessible and also the book safe and in good condition.

The lamp is made from frosted glass and thus there is no danger of the book’s pages overheating and catching fire. A soft light gives of a relaxing ambiance whilst providing enough light for ease of reading. The very act of putting a book on top turns the house-shaped lamp into a sculptural piece in its own right. The book rest lamp is ideal for a kid’s bedroom as it is for all age groups and will really add a unique and characterful feature to the bedside area of the room. It can also be placed in a home study or library and thus act as a side table besides a favourite reading armchair.

You can buy this lamp from here: Book Rest Lamp by Lee Sang Gin.

Light bulb included.