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A book and magazine side table like the one in the picture below is an ideal way to store reading materials that you want left in easy reach. I know from experience, a good book can take days or weeks to get through when we are busy with work and day to day events. In quiet moments, we sneak away to read an extra dozen pages or so before dinner is to be made or the baby wakes up and begins to cry.

Instead of leaving the book on the sofa or placing it back in the bookshelf, the book can be simply placed in the storage section of this attractive side table. The same goes for any magazines, journals or essay papers we happen to be reading or working on. The book and magazine side table can hold half a dozen items which we are likely to need on a day to day basis. At the base is a flat shelf which can be used as storage for a scrabble box or chess set when not in use.

The top of this book and magazine side table as shown in the image above acts as the side table part of this intricately carved furniture piece. Whether you’re drinking wine, spirits, coffee or fruit juice, the glass or mug can be placed on the table top whilst reading a book on the sofa or chair that is located next to this book and magazine side table. The old world cherry finish gives it a sophisticated charm which will suit many interior settings. It’s a nice design and will fit snugly into place and fulfil its duty as a magazine and book storage rack built into a side table.

You can buy this side table from the following location: Book and Magazine Side Table.

At the time of writing it was priced at $280 due to the Winter sales.