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The teapot has had a fascinating transformation since it first began life as a wine vessel in China. For thousands of years, tea had instead been heated in cauldrons and then sipped from bowls. What we now know as the teapot started its development around the 14th Century when drinking tea was developed through leaf infusion. Prior to this bricks of tea had been broken up or crushed which forewent the need for steeping.

You can read more about the fascinating history of the teapot from the squidoo page I created yesterday. This can be found here: Blue Teapots.


I have a fondness for blue tableware, especially a blue teapot. Many of my cups are blue of varying shades and tones. When browsing the internet for interesting home decorative items and tableware, I came across this delightful blue teapot as shown in the image above.

It’s made by the famous and highly regarded Waechtersbach ceramics company based in Germany. Their craftsmanship and technology have made them a forerunner in the tableware design sphere. This lovely looking globular blue teapot comes in a solid royal blue glaze and will look wonderful on any kitchen, dining or morning room table. There are similar kitchenware items in the same style you can match the blue teapot with if needed.

You can buy this Waechtersbach teapot from the following location: Contempo Tea Pot with Lid in Royal Blue

Price at the time of writing: $44.99