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When we think of a vase, we think of materials such as glass, ceramics or even plastic. However, have you ever seen a knitted vase before like the one seen in the picture below? It’s pretty, gentle, cuddly and above all, perfectly functional. Underneath the blue knitted cotton is a glass vase which provides strength and sturdiness.

The knitted vase is also available in 3 different colors and two different sizes. Whichever particular design you choose, the knitted vase will compliment a multitude of décor schemes in a living room, bedroom, kitchen or home office. It can be used to hold flowers, pencils, beads and any other item you like to keep within easy reach or to place in a visually prominent position.

In fact, as one might imagine, the glass vase with a knitted cover will make a decorative feature in its own right, whether filled with something or not. Place it on a kitchen counter, a living room coffee table or best of all, on a home office desk, and it will provide a great little decorative feature and/or functional storage jar. It’ll make the overall surface area of your room a little bit softer and lessen the hard walled interior feel which can sometimes seem overwhelming.

You can buy it from here: Small Knitted Vase in Blue by Ferm Living.

Size: 4.7 inches.