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For some interiors, a bulky and heavy shelving unit can make the space and lightness of the room seem to disappear. The wall vanishes and you’re left with a hefty shape adding weight to the ambiance of the living room or bedroom. However, if you’re looking for a large display furniture piece which doesn’t overwhelm a room then you might want to have a second look at this contemporary Blu Dot Chicago 8 box shelving unit which puts negative space to good use.

The Blu Dot features a collection of eight wooden boxes, available in a variety of different woods, framed together with tubular steel legs. They are formed in such a way that both the interior of each box and it’s ceiling-facing side act as shelf surfaces ideal for the placement of books, decorative ornaments, vases of flowers, and photographs. Positive and negative space is put to good use and the result is a large yet unobtrusive shelving unit ready to fit into a modern and stylish apartment. It is ideal for smaller interior spaces as well which will benefit from the elegant design. There is plenty of surface area on which to put your favourite items. Some will look better within a box whilst others will be more suited to an open-space surface.

The good quality construction adds to the attractive nature of the unit which will look good in a multitude of different interiors in the home. The living room is an obvious choice but it will also be a good quality item for a home study/office/library. Here it will provide shelving for objects related to a home-based business and/or a regular hobby. It will also complement existing wooden furniture of a similar style such as desks, tables, beds, and cabinets. As previous buyers have noted, it does come in separate parts but it is very easy to assemble.

You can buy it from here: Blu Dot Chicago 8 Box Shelving Unit.

Overall Dimensions: 74.5″ H x 94″ W x 12″ D.