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Do you have a small kitchen or dining room and want a wine rack furniture piece that can fit into a tight spot? If so, you might well like this black wine rack tower capable of holding up to 18 wine bottles and 9 wine glasses at any one time. Contemporary in appearance, the tall tower will fit into most types of interior design arrangements and can be painted another color if certain décor requirements are desired.

The attractive Galina wine rack tower will fit snugly into an alcove or space between two fixed features such as is found in modern fitted kitchens. Alternatively it can be located in a dining room and can be placed in a corner or between a dresser and an entry way door. The wine tower rack is constructed so as to provide a feature area in the upper half of the furniture piece where your best wines can be put on display. This part also doubles up as a preparation section for pouring drinks.

Below, in the bottom section of this black wine rack tower is where the wine bottles can be safely stored for later on in an event. A small drawer between these two sections provides storage space for corkscrews, napkins and other wine accessories. Right at the top, on the ceiling of the upper section is a rack in which to hang clean wine glasses before they are put to use. This prevents the build-up of dust and keeps the glasses as spotless as they were just after being cleaned. Sturdy and pleasing on the eye, this tall wine rack tower is ideal for interiors of all sizes but especially those of a small to medium sized nature.

You can buy this tower from here: Black Galina Wine Rack Tower.

Price: $271