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This black metal fruit tree bowl is a great looking accessory for a kitchen or dining room table. How often have you wished there was a way of adding bananas, and especially grapes, to a fruit bowl without them getting squashed and discoloured? This black scroll fruit bowl made from heavy duty wire steel features a curving hook especially designed for hanging bananas and bunches of grapes on.

The attractive fruit tree, which is from the Scroll Pantryware collection, also allows for air to navigate around the fruit within the bowl. This helps the fruit ripen earlier and stay fresh for longer. There’s enough room in the bowl section for all types of fruit. The ‘Spectrum Diversified’ fruit bowl tree will look good in any style of kitchen, dining room, or even living room interior and will sit prettily on just about any surface such as a table or countertop.

You can buy it from here: Scroll Fruit Bowl with Hook.

Measures 16 inches in height.