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You have hundreds of CDs and DVDs scattered in various locations around your home. The last time you tried to find your favorite Gary Moore CD you ended up taking the place apart and even then it was nowhere to be seen. If you regularly have trouble keeping your media ordered and above all, findable again, then a new addition to your home such as this black revolving media tower is just what you will need. Relax and have all your music, movies and computer software in one place.

The tall rotating media tower is not bad looking either and will grace a corner of the bedroom, living room or games room without too much interior décor infringement. In fact, when its fulfilling its job and is complete with your large collection of CDs and DVDs, the colourful arrangement will add an appealing decorative element in itself. The ability to turn the tower 360 degrees in order to select your choice brings comfort, ease and admirable functionality to the ambiance of a room.

In total, the black revolving media tower is able to hold 1160 CDs, 560 DVDs and 308 VHS. Most shelves can also be adjusted thus allowing oversized items to also be placed on the tower’s shelving. There are actually a number of color choices on offer but each tower is made from durable wood laminate which makes it extremely easy to wipe clean, as well as being long-lasting. If you still remember the back strain you suffered last time you tried to reach for a DVD that had fallen behind a cabinet, then you should put your mind and body at rest and consider this impressive media tower.

You can buy it from here: Venture Horizon Black Revolving Media Tower.

Price: $199.95