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Pigs are a popular animal to portray on various accessories found around the home. This is also the case with the pig serving tray showing the black silhouette of a farmyard pig against a light brown fabric-like background. This pig serving tray is a great gift idea for someone you perhaps know who has a fondness for pigs. I know these people exist as there is one in my own family.

The black pig serving tray can be used for a variety of purposes. Carrying drinks and plates of biscuits and candies is its foremost function but when not in use it can also act as a decorative accessory for the kitchen wall or a table top. The black pig silhouette is deliciously curvy and stands out from the light brown fabric-like background. This vintage fabric style also crosses over into the shape of the pig, leaving the overall pig serving tray looking as though it is made from strong canvas.

This pig themed tray is sure to get a squeal and a giggle out of any delighted pig fan who comes to visit.

Price: $76