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Decorative metal candle holders are a great way to add thematic accents to an area of a room. The potential can clearly be seen in these bird themed metal candle holders which combine a contemporary style with a folk art flair. The curly bird and crow candle holders will provide an attractive focus to a dining room table or living room coffee table. Their shapes are expressive and visually exciting whilst providing a bird theme that will compliment existing decor schemes and accessories.

The Curly Bird and Crow metal candle holders are made from thick 12-gauge steel and have then been painted in black and given a clear-coat finish. The two bird candle holders are American made, having been crafted in the state of Florida. When silhouetted against a window during the day or by the burning candles in the evening, the Curly Bird and Crow candlesticks will come to life.

They can be bought individually or as a pair.