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The best known Martini drinker is the fictional British spy James Bond who likes his Martini “shaken, not stirred”. Whichever way you like your Martinis, this black Martini glass set has a modern panache that would make 007 and another famous drinker, Sir Winston Churchill, envious. Although black and not your usual looking Martini glass set, they are in the classic shape of the Martini glass ensuring the taste is as good as ever.

The sandblasted black glass of the Martini glass set has black etched floral designs on the surfaces of each item. These items include four Martini glasses, a pitcher and a clear glass stirrer, altogether making this black Martini glass collection a set of 6. The complete preparation of the Martini can be made in the accompanying black pitcher. This means the addition of ice, gin and vermouth, plus lemon as desired. There are a number of variations of Martini which can be made and these can be found here: Standard Martini Recipes.

These black Martini glasses with accompanying pitcher and stirrer will add a touch of contemporary elegance to your table or seating area. They are original and different to the usual which will make this set stand out and become a talking point amongst friends, family and guests alike. If you have a reddish interior design or one that is perhaps Bohemian in theory, then this black Martini glass set will certainly make a welcome addition.

You can buy this set from the following location: Black Martini Glass Set.

Price: $44