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This black Lucite table lamp will make an unusual but perfectly functional light source for your bedroom or living area. The unique lamp is a creation of the husband and wife design team known as Zia Priven who are known internationally for the wonderful lighting designs. The Mercer Bedside Lamp as seen in the picture below is a contemporary table light perfect for the soft glow that is required in such an item as a bedside or accent table lighting source.

The beautifully architectural design of this black Lucite table lamp with a round metal body is in many ways symbolic of the industrial and synthetic nature of the materials used in its creation. Lucite is a trade name of a more tongue-twisting scientific name for the synthetic polymer of methyl methacrylate, known fully as Poly(methyl methacrylate) or PMMA for short. It’s probably most well known by the name Perspex and is a very strong material which is used in a vast number of settings and scenarios.

Lucite is actually colorless but as can be seen from the lampshade of this table lamp, it can be tinted using other harmless substances. The result is a lamp that during the day looks black, which can add to existing or intended décor schemes, whilst at night, when turned on, exudes a warm glow that fills the room. A circular metal body with a brushed nickel finish completes the contemporary and exquisite look of the lamp. It’s literally a light fixture for every hour of the day.

You can buy this unique light from the following location: Black Lucite Table Lamp With Round Metal Body.

There’s also a choice of two other lampshade colors and these are eggshell and natural.