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An artistic and decorative tile can go a long way to sprucing up a new tiled kitchen or bathroom wall. This black cat with Cabernet and vineyard background tile is just such a possible addition for anyone who loves cats, like I do. Large, striking and aesthetically pleasing, the cat themed tile can be situated in any interior in the home and need not be solely consigned to the wall.

The hand painted ceramic tile is brilliantly colored with a two dimensional feel to its surface. This is because contour lines are shaped along the subject images thereby creating elevated outlines which can be felt with one’s hands, like a relief. A clear shiny glaze gives this decorative black cat and wine themed tile a reflective quality whilst various unique textures add to the elegance and luxuriousness of the tile body.

All tiles of this kind come with a built-in hook plus a removable backing. These two options allow for either hanging like a picture frame or the instillation of the art tile as one would a regular plain tile. Alternatively, it can be simply rested against another item or against the wall, thereby allowing for variation in placement from week to week. If you’re seeking a color, decorative and wonderfully feline ceramic tile to create a classy focal point to a room, then this black cat with Cabernet and vineyard background tile is going to make a popular addition to your home.

You can buy this 11″x14″ tile from here: Black Cat with Cabernet and Vineyard Background.

Price: $45.99