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For bookworms like myself who also love cats, a gift that will really make them smile is something along the lines of this pair of black cat bookend figurines which can be seen in the image below. I’ve mentioned cats so many times on this blog and that’s because I am very much a cat fanatic and have had cats all my life. Their form and beauty lend themselves to sculpture and decorative accessories like this black cat bookend figurine duo who appear to be doing what cats love best of all, testing their claws.

black-cat-bookends-figurinesCat figurines, whether as stand-alone sculptures, figurative bookends or in fine art have long been popular for artists to portray. As anyone who has tried to draw a cat will know, their form and shape are incredibly sublime and beautiful. The curving lines of the arched back and circular thighs accentuate the incredibly delicate yet strong body of the feline species. This is why an accessory like this pair of black cat bookend figurines is really a visual feast for cat lovers who wish their books to be kept neat and tidy.

This particular black cat bookend figurines are made from aluminum and reach just over 7 inches in height. The cat’s back feet act as the bookend base and provide an artistic yet sturdy grip for the job they have been designed for. Most cat lovers will have a series of books, whether half a dozen or more, on cats and their behaviour, as well as books with pictures of felines from around the world. What better way to keep these cat books all in one location than in-between these black cat bookend figurines?

You can see a larger image of these playful cat bookends as well as purchasing details here: Black Cat Bookend Figurines.

Price: $37