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If you’re looking for a black fruit bowl with a contemporary style then you might well like this Bamboo Basket with Pedestal. Despite the name, this modern fruit bowl is made from bronze. I hesitated at first, wondering whether I should add this bowl to my favourites collection, purely because of the rather dangerous metal spikes it has. The bowl itself looks wonderful but whether it is a safe item for a child-friendly environment, I’m not sure.


However, it’s original, it looks great and perhaps I am overdoing the concern. The black fruit bowl is made by the American artist Michael Michaud and is part of a larger Silver Seasons collection. This Bamboo basket is in fact a mold that has then been turned into a bronze tableware piece. Michaud is an avid nature lover and has made numerous home decor items in bronze, gold and silver.

This modern black nature-inspired bowl will be a great decorative addition to any table and will function perfectly in its capacity as a fruit bowl. You might need to be aware each time you reach for an orange, apple or banana but apart from that, it’s visual appeal outweighs any, now diminishing, concerns I might at first have had.

You can buy this black fruit bowl from the following location: Bamboo Basket with Pedestal

Price at the time of writing: $310