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It’s nice when possible to have decorative accessories which compliment a certain theme of an interior. Floor rugs are ideal to carry out this concept and the black and white musical notes rug as pictured below is an example of what can be added to a musical themed room. Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, colors and themes which means practically any subject matter can be found in the design of floor rugs whether traditional or contemporary.

The black and white musical notes rug can be placed in a room which perhaps comprises of one or more instruments that are regularly played. A musical themed rug will add an extra decorative feature to an interior where music is created and enjoyed. This style of musical notes rug is also ideal for a kid’s room especially one who is beginning the process of learning a musical instrument. I remember as a child learning to play the flute and the long hours involved in perfecting my playing of the instrument and understanding the musical notations.

Regardless of which room this black and white musical notes rug is placed in, the contemporary look will add an extra musical ambiance to that room. Black and white décor items for the floor can suit a variety of settings especially those of a classical nature.

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Did you know?: The earliest form of musical notation was discovered in a cuneiform tablet from around 2000 B.C. This was discovered in Nippur, in what is now modern day Iraq.