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At first you think this Billy Moon creation is in fact a real bird cage and that the label of candle holder is surely some mistake. However, when you look more closely and see the wonderfully beautiful detailing, you realise it is indeed a bird cage candle holder in antiqued metal and ceramic. I’ve written about the designer Billy Moon before on this website and his talent is clear to see.

A metal tree appears to grow within the cage upon which little birds are perched, looking outwards towards the wider world. Its branches shoot out from the cage’s confines and on these are attached the candle holders. One could take a philosophical meaning from this design in that the burning candles represent the freedom from the captivity of the cage. The meaning can change depending on how you look at things.

The base and pinnacle of the bird cage are highly decorated and nicely compliment the curving beauty of the branches, leaves and birds. The sculptural candle holder is as a whole a wonderfully expressive piece that will catch the light of the candles placed in the holders. With the room’s lights turned down low, the resulting flicker of the flames will cast outstandingly delicate and delightful shadows upon any nearby walls, table surfaces and indeed, on the ceiling.

The bird cage candle holder has been given a heavily distressed look which lends an antiquated feel to the overall piece. It could easily be a item straight out of a classical novel from the 18th century or from an old black and white movie. If you have a traditionally decorated interior then this bird cage candle holder will make an excellent addition. A Bohemian style living room or study will also find this to be a most welcome feature.

You can buy it from here: Bird Cage Candle Holder by Billy Moon.

Antiqued tea light candles included.